music theatre now

“The 2018 edition of Music Theatre NOW competition saw 436 applications by artists from all continents and representing a multitude of strategies within the music theatre field. This cultural and aesthetic diversity is reflected as well in the composition of the jury panel. The plurality of expertise and life-paths that are present among the jury members allowed us to approach and discuss the diversity of the submitted works. (…)
While we may not come up with a tightly articulated definition of music theatre, through the process of judging we explored the complexity of the field. We feel that the definition of the music theatre as a genre shouldn’t align to one direction only. Moreover, music theatre today has been fed by the creative tensions present in the field. Intersectionality and heterogeneity is what we would propose as the characteristics at the core of the music theatre practice today.”
The international jury for Music Theatre NOW 2018 consists of Krystian Lada (dramaturg / Brussels), Neo Muyanga (composer and musician / Cape Town), Shoshana Polanco (creative producer / Mexico City), Liu Sola (composer, vocalist and author / Beijing) and Limor Tomer (general manager of concerts and lectures Metropolitan Museum of Art / New York).


Jury Statement

“The locus of this work, Musrara has seen centuries of conflict and cooperation, discord and harmony, conflict and coexistence. Through their deeply researched, participatory process, the creative team has crafted a sensitive and multilayered approach which takes on this palimpsest and reveals its multiple truths. This is the power of artistic expression: to allow us to see beyond the rhetoric. In this piece, there are no passive observers. Everyone is implicated, everyone is part or the problem/solution. We’re all in it together.”

(Limor Tomer for the Jury Members of the 2018 edition of MusicTheatreNOW competition)

MUSRAROPERA is a mobile-radiophonic-opera developed in a historically charged quarter of Jerusalem, laying between fancy shops, the Palestinian area of Damuskus Gate and the ultraorthodox Mea Shearim.

Musrara is a mirror of the city, Israel and the complexity of the Middle East, inhabited by people of divers cultural, religious and political backgrounds, keeping the explosive coexistence of the past in motion. In the post-truth time we strategically place this pre-truth opera as a fictive rehearsal and master training to transform the uncertain present – in all different environments and places that host this friendly and exhausting but playful game between music, sounds, words and the urban environment.

Director, Composer: Klaus Janek (Italy)
Director, Composer: Milena Kipfmüller (Brazil / Germany)
Dramaturgical Advisor: Jens Dietrich (Germany)

Singer: Laila Shuala (France / Israel)
Clarinet: Nitai Levi (Israel)
Doublebass: Shira Harpaz (Israel)
Costumes: Fabienne Müller (Germany)
Technical Advisor: Jens Baudisch (Germany)

Producer: sounding situations / Naggar Interdisciplinary School of Arts and Society

Premiere: 05-29-2018 / Musrara Mix Festival / Jerusalem, Israel