Echolot search­es for hid­den sound­ing and musi­cal mate­r­i­al that is saved in books. Writ­ten words that trans­mit seman­tic mean­ing are for us scores for sound and music. Trans­formed through the voice of the vis­i­tors into sound, the short and play­ful record­ings get over­layed, (de)composed, sent, resent and received by the lis­ten­er in musi­cal­ized form. An […] Details
Echolot pro­duced for White Nights Mon­tre­al /​ Goethe Insti­tut, fur­ther per­formed at Matral­ab Concordia/​McGill, Mon­tre­al, Miss Heck­er, Berlin, Goethe Insti­tut Sao Paulo



is a project to research fun­da­men­tal struc­tures of acoustic par­ti­cles with­in dif­fer­ent glob­al envi­ron­ments. The par­ti­cles are made to col­lide togeth­er at close to the speed of light. The process gives the researchers clues about how the par­ti­cles inter­act, and pro­vides insights into the fun­da­men­tal laws of artis­tic nature. Details
Vila Sul Res­i­den­cy /​ Robert Bosch schol­ar­ship