the col­lec­tive

Sound­ing Sit­u­a­tions devel­ops high­ly inno­v­a­tive music the­ater where the per­form­ers and musi­cians, the audi­tive and the audi­ence meet in both phys­i­cal and imag­i­nary space for artis­tic action. Their projects cre­ate moments where polit­i­cal art, cur­rent ques­tions of our soci­ety, real­i­ty, utopia, and artis­tic mag­ic merge into a mul­ti­lay­ered art­work.

Often the group works between coun­tries, con­ti­nents, and cul­tur­al bound­aries in trans-tra­di­tion­al exper­i­ments hence over­com­ing chal­lenges and reveal­ing the beau­ty of our shared human exis­tence.


web­site launch

we are very hap­py about the result and process of our cre­ation of the new CI. We are as well thank­ful to Stephanie Roder­er for her graph­ic trans­la­tion of what we are, and what we stand for. Design is a lan­guage on its own and we have a deep respect of her knowl­edge, wish and will to not com­pro­mise the result. Dur­ing the find­ing process she not only worked cre­ative­ly, but also as a dramaturg/​​moderator of our wish­es and its trans­la­tion to the out­side. Thanks also to Felix Wochnik from Stu­dio Bens who in no time pro­grammed and com­mu­ni­cat­ed with friend­ly­less and ease. A very joy­ful process.

We launched the web­site now for our desired date. There are sure­ly still a few blind spots which we know about or even not. One thing we are aware that the pho­to cred­its are miss­ing, and will assure to all the pho­tog­ra­phers who by doc­u­ment­ing our projects con­tributed their own arts to our work, that we will place the pho­to cred­its in the next weeks.